Author: Graham Smith

Making Bitcoin Go Viral: Could Endless Printing Trigger a Hyperbitcoinization Event?

Hyperbitcoinization has been defined as “a state where bitcoin becomes the world’s dominant form of money.” But what actually needs to happen for bitcoin to ‘go viral’? As it turns out, a hyperbitcoinization event may be more likely than many Read More

Judge Grants Injunction Halting Telegram’s TON Release Again, Notice of Appeal Reportedly Filed

The embattled Telegram Open Network (TON) blockchain and its native gram cryptocurrency have seen plans for launch stifled once again, with a preliminary injunction granted by Southern District of New York Judge P. Kevin Castel. The March 24 injunction sides Read More

How Institutional Players Like CME, CBOE and Bakkt Influence the Bitcoin Price – Bitcoin News

The introduction of institutional heavyweights like CME, CBOE and Bakkt to the bitcoin space was heralded by many as the key to solidifying bitcoin’s mainstream acceptance, and driving prices to a stabilized moon. While this hasn’t played out exactly as Read More

China’s Changing Perception of Bitcoin: Bitkan CEO Shares Insights After 7 Years in Crypto Industry – Bitcoin News

Since the advent of bitcoin in 2009, cryptocurrencies have gone from being a niche topic for tech nerds to ubiquitously recognized — if not always understood — staples of modern finance. Bitkan CEO Liu Yang recently took some time out Read More

Tax Expert: IRS Crypto Question ‘Unconstitutional,’ Card Points, Flyer Miles Could Be Virtual Currency – Bitcoin News

While its well-known that the revised Schedule 1 form for U.S. taxpayers now contains a question about cryptocurrencies, what is lesser discussed are the legal ramifications this may have for filers who answer incorrectly. The vague nature of the yes Read More

Bitcoin Live: How to Watch the Next Price Run or Crash in Real-Time – Bitcoin News

Watching the bitcoin price move can be exhilarating, or at times soul-crushing, depending on the market. The unpredictability makes watching things unfold in real-time compelling, and checking the price via live broadcast is further enriched by commentary from popular traders Read More

Bitcoin Cash Meetups Go Virtual in Japan to Combat Virus, Allowing Members to Choose – Bitcoin News

Due to the spread of the COVID-19 virus, BCH meetup groups in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan, have announced they will be offering a virtual option for those wishing to avoid crowded places and to participate digitally, while still supporting merchants. Read More

Disney World Economics: How Coronavirus Could Be Used to Justify a Global Financial Reset – Bitcoin News

‘What in the world is going on’ has now become a question of real pertinence, instead of just a cliché for common bewilderment. As COVID-19 panic grips the world, ripple effects are crashing markets and effectively canceling economies across the Read More

Is Twitter Helping Justin Sun and Other Cryptocurrency Celebrities Defraud? – Bitcoin News

A site as hugely influential as Twitter should ideally take a balanced and responsible approach when suggesting blue check accounts and other popular influencers to follow in the crypto space. Fact is, this couldn’t be further from the reality: Twitter Read More

Airport Gold Seizure in Amsterdam Points to Bitcoin Utility for Private, Borderless Travel – Bitcoin News

A 27-year-old Brazilian man was arrested at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam Friday for failing to declare 15 kilograms of gold bars to customs, according to local reports. After failing to provide a convincing explanation as to how he acquired the Read More

Relm Launches Insurance Coverage for Cryptocurrency and Cannabis Groups in Tough Regulatory Climate – Bitcoin News

Bermuda-based insurance company Relm has announced an official launch of operations, issuing a press statement March 3, stating the group will “focus on digital asset (cryptocurrency) enterprises and cannabis and hemp related businesses.” The business, owned by Deltec International Group, Read More

Human Readability and Privacy: BCH Can Be Sent by Email With Tips Tool, No Usernames Required – Bitcoin News allows users of crypto to tip BCH to friends and family via email address, arguably cutting out some of the inconvenience associated with standard bitcoin address formats. Unlike Coinbase Wallet’s new username option, which achieves similar ease for transactions, Read More

DCA – The ‘Boring,’ Sensible Bitcoin Investment That Could Double Your Money in 2.5 Years – Bitcoin News

Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) as a crypto investment method may not be the most thrilling way to speculate on the bitcoin price, but it is one of the most level-headed, according to proponents. Using a simple online DCA calculator, one Read More

Sharia Compliance in Bitcoin – What It’s All About, and Why Exchanges Like Beldex Seek Muslim Traders – Bitcoin News

Money is a critical part of everyone’s life, and for the religious it is even viewed as a matter of eternal consequence. While those on the outside may be unaware of the importance finance takes on in circles of faith, Read More

Lebanon Fights for Separation of Money and State as Residents Use Bitcoin to Evade Capital Controls – Bitcoin News

Mass unrest in Lebanon due to allegations of political corruption and heavy handed capital controls has carried over into the new year, with reports pointing to a notable uptick in bitcoin trading from the embattled nation. As residents seek to Read More

Next Step Mobile Surveillance: How You Walk, Your Heartbeat – Why Bitcoin Matters to Combat Government Privacy Invasion – Bitcoin News

It may sound like something from a dystopian cyberpunk movie, but payment providers could soon be validating transactions by the way users walk, their heartbeat, veins, and more. Mastercard has recently revealed they “have been testing heartbeat, vein technology, and Read More

How to Hide Your Bitcoin – Opsec, Anonymity, Cold Storage, Brainwallet, Dexes and Non-Custodials – Bitcoin News

In an era of increasing economic uncertainty, surveillance, specialized cybercrime and hacking, knowing how to hide bitcoin safely has become a paramount concern for crypto holders. Whether it’s by way of taking wise opsec measures, utilizing noncustodial tools, leveraging a Read More