Author: Graham Smith

Vodafone Becomes 8th Company to Exit Libra Association – Bitcoin News

After a spate of big names parting ways with the Libra Association late last year such as Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, and Ebay, British telecommunications giant Vodafone has become the latest to bid the ambitious digital asset project farewell. While Vodafone’s Read More

Cypherpunk Bitstream Hosts Share Importance of Payments, Dropgangs, and ‘Meatspace’ Allies – Bitcoin News

The Cypherpunk Bitstream podcast is a relatively new program that’s just released its fourth episode. The hosts, known as Frank Braun and The Real Smuggler, are so-called ‘privacy extremists’ and dyed-in-the-wool crypto-anarchists concerned with exposing cypherpunk ethos to a wider Read More

IIF Report Predicts Global Debt Will Reach New All-Time High of $257T in 2020 – Bitcoin News

Global debt records were broken in 2019, but that likely won’t be the end of such ominous economic milestones, the Institute of International Finance (IIF) predicts. The number could reach $257 trillion sometime in Q1 2020, according to a recent Read More

Cointext CTO Vin Armani Talks Content, Reveals the ‘Real’ Bitcoin in New Video – Bitcoin News

Cointext CTO Vin Armani has a lot to say. The multi-faceted content creator, voluntaryist philosopher, and developer in the Bitcoin Cash community crafts thought-provoking crypto content. Whether dissecting the ‘gym friend’ meme in the context of grounded masculinity, or addressing Read More

Bitfinex ‘Copycat’ Lawsuit Withdrawn and Then Refiled in New District – Bitcoin News

Ifinex Inc, parent firm of Bitfinex, finds its ongoing legal troubles further complicated as a November lawsuit has been withdrawn by the plaintiff and refiled in a new district. The company, whose close affiliations with both the Bitfinex crypto exchange Read More

Hacker Group Lazarus Uses Fake Exchanges, Telegram Groups in Latest Malware Attacks – Bitcoin News

A new report shows that North Korea-linked Lazarus Group has adapted and evolved new techniques since initial attacks, and are using phony trading platforms linking to Telegram channels which distribute malware, as well as making their malware more stealthy by Read More

Bitmain Responds to Layoff Rumors From Ousted Co-Founder Zahn – Bitcoin News

Ousted Bitmain co-founder Micree Zahn took to Weibo on Monday to speak out against a reported Bitmain “personnel optimization plan” which could purportedly see around 500 Bitmain workers dismissed by January 17. Chinese media broke the story last week citing Read More

Stablecoins Are Crypto’s Version of Fractional Reserve Banking – Bitcoin News

Stablecoins provide much sought after stability in the volatile crypto markets. They are sometimes even said to affect the price of bitcoin in drastic fashion. Tether (USDT) in particular continues to be widely scrutinized for this, with recent lawsuits about Read More

Grassroots Bitcoin Cash House Movement Expands to Ghana – Bitcoin News

With one Bitcoin Cash House now established in Venezuela, the grassroots movement is independently spreading to other locations. user ‘Koush’ has announced that the new BCH House Ghana has secured and paid for its location and will launch sometime Read More

Why Double Spends on BCH Are Not the Same as Replace-By-Fee Fraud – Bitcoin News

When it comes to creating a peer-to-peer electronic cash system, accepting zero confirmation transactions becomes critically important. When a model’s main aim is to “just hodl” or push an isolated store of value narrative, important concerns like double spending can Read More

Tron-Based Tether Has Ballooned to Over 900 Million Tokens, Almost 22% of Total Supply – Bitcoin News

Since Tether’s (USDT) migration to other networks beside the BTC-based Omni protocol, significant shifts have taken place seeing the heavily-printed stablecoin rise to prominence also via Ethereum’s ERC20 standard and Tron’s TRC20 implementation. Ethereum-based USDT supply currently sits at over Read More

Germans Rush to Buy Gold as Draft Bill Threatens to Restrict Purchases – Bitcoin News

Reports have emerged depicting long lines in front of a physical gold sales location in Germany, in view of pending legislation which would once again lower the anonymous purchase limit, this time from €10,000 to €2,000. The last drop happened Read More

Youtube ‘Christmas Purge’ Has Content Creators Pointing to These Alternate Platforms – Bitcoin News

Recent widespread video removals have crypto Youtubers searching for greener and more dependable pastures for content production. While reports have since emerged of Youtube claiming the incident was an accident, and that videos are now being restored, the “Christmas Crypto Read More

Mnuchin Affirms $1.5 Trillion Unaccounted For, Still Demands Strict Bitcoin Regulation – Bitcoin News

U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin remarked last week that a reported $1.5 trillion in missing cash — mostly one hundred dollar bills — was “sitting in bank vaults all over the world.” The famously anti-bitcoin U.S. official noted that “there’s Read More

PBOC Official: China’s Digital Yuan Won’t Be a Speculative Currency Like Bitcoin – Bitcoin News

According to recent statements by People’s Bank of China (PBOC) official Mu Changchun, the country’s digital yuan is ready for trials. The central bank digital currency (CBDC) will decidedly not be a speculative asset like bitcoin or stablecoins, and will Read More

Why Quantum Computing’s Threat to Crypto May Be Further out Than Previously Thought – Bitcoin News

According to one researcher, quantum computing faces more hurdles than many realize when it comes to achieving viability in breaking encryption. In a recent report Dr. Subhash Kak, Regents Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Oklahoma State University, notes Read More