Author: Jamie Redman

3 Cents per kWh – Central Asia’s Cheap Electricity Entices Chinese Bitcoin Miners – Bitcoin News

As tensions escalated between the U.S. and Iran in recent months, reports have detailed that Chinese bitcoin miners are looking to set up shop in Central Asia and more specifically in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Last spring, Chinese bitcoin mining operations Read More

Bitpay Partnership With Poynt Enables Crypto Payments at 100,000 Point-of-Sale Devices – Bitcoin News

On February 11, the Atlanta-based payment processor Bitpay announced the firm’s recent partnership with the company Poynt. Now retailers will be able to support cryptocurrency payments using point-of-sale devices and crypto users will be able to pay with digital currencies Read More

XRP Still Third Largest Crypto by Market Cap After Founder Dumps 1 Billion Coins – Bitcoin News

Crypto traders and speculators have been discussing the digital currency XRP (ripple) lately because the price has been stagnant compared to other digital assets. Some venture capitalists and analysts plan to short XRP, while other speculators believe the crypto is Read More

BCH Merchant Directories Now List 4,300 Bitcoin Cash-Accepting Businesses – Bitcoin News

Businesses around the world continue to adopt bitcoin cash (BCH) and in 2020 merchant acceptance continues to grow. Tallying up all the companies that accept BCH listed on sites like Green Pages,,, and Anypay shows there’s more than Read More

Ethereum vs Tron: Comparing Data, Defi and Stablecoins from Both Chains After Viral Tweet – Bitcoin News

On February 7, Cold Card and Opendime creator, Rodolfo Novak (also known as NVK), tweeted a picture of himself with Tron founder Justin Sun and Blockstream’s CEO Adam Back. Novak said “Ethereum was over” and the three had a plan Read More

Cryptocurrency Futures and Prediction Markets Show Trump Wins the US 2020 Election – Bitcoin News

In less than 270 days the United States will have its 2020 election and millions of people worldwide will be betting on whether Donald Trump is reelected. Cryptocurrency participants are currently wagering their digital assets on the election outcome, where Read More

New Regency Television Wins Screen Rights to Onecoin Story – The Missing Cryptoqueen – Bitcoin News

The story of Onecoin and cofounder Ruja Ignatova might be seen on television sets in the near future. Reports detail that New Regency Television International participated in a bid for the rights to the BBC Sounds podcast “The Missing Cryptoqueen.” Read More

Bitcoin Cash Community Begins Crafting Q&A Stack Exchange Site to Build Knowledge Base – Bitcoin News

On February 6, Bitcoin Cash supporters were introduced to a new BCH-centric Stack Exchange community called The goal of the Q&A site aims to build a “knowledge center” for Bitcoin Cash developers and individual researchers interested in learning about Read More

Tax Friendly Saint Kitts and Nevis Approves Progressive Crypto Bill, Lenient Capital Gains Exemption – Bitcoin News

The island country of Saint Kitts and Nevis, located in the West Indies, recently passed a bill that legalizes digital currency assets like bitcoin cash. The act is cited as the Virtual Asset Bill 2020 and it aims to provide Read More

Mint Bot Allows Telegram Users to Tip People in Chat Rooms With Any SLP Token – Bitcoin News

A software developer recently launched a new Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) tipping bot for Telegram chats that allows anyone to tip any SLP token using the application. The developer and Reddit user ‘Maxwell10206’ revealed the platform on Monday and people Read More

How To Buy Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies Using Paypal – Bitcoin News

These days there are myriad ways people can purchase cryptocurrencies, and the payment platform Paypal is a popular choice. Multiple crypto brokerage services and exchanges allow people to buy digital currencies with the payment option. The following post is a Read More

Coronavirus Outbreak Forces Chinese Crypto ASIC Manufacturers to Delay Orders – Bitcoin News

Bitcoin mining rig deliveries from China are delayed due to the coronavirus according to a few Chinese manufacturers. Microbt and Ebang sent notices to customers via the firm’s Wechat channels. Sources say Bitmain and Innosilicon are delaying mining device shipments Read More

Bitcoin Verde’s New Project Aims to Promote Bitcoin Cash Node Diversity – Bitcoin News

Software developer Joshua Green announced Friday via the blog that the Bitcoin Verde team is launching a project to increase mining diversity. Green believes all the Bitcoin Cash implementations should “strive to be viable mining alternatives” and he’s encouraging Read More

Silk Road Mentor’s Arrest Rekindles Tales of Rogue Agents and Pirate’s Treasure – Bitcoin News

On January 30, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York (SDNY) revealed that Roger Clark, the alleged senior advisor to the Silk Road marketplace, pleaded guilty to conspiring to distribute massive quantities of narcotics. Clark, otherwise Read More

Darknet Users Discuss the Connection Between DDoS Attacks and Exit Scams – Bitcoin News

During the last few weeks, a number of darknet markets (DNMs) like Dread and Empire have been attacked relentlessly with heavy DDoS attacks. Meanwhile, reports disclose that Apollon is allegedly pulling an exit scam in the same fashion as Nightmare Read More