Author: Jet Encila

Samsung To Make Chips That Can Power Bitcoin Mining – Will This Energize Crypto? |


The entry of Samsung into 3-nanometer foundry processor manufacturing kicks off, and the South Korean company will reportedly start producing Gate-All-Around-based chipsets this week, Samsung New3sroom disclosed on Thursday. The electronics juggernaut is making rapid progress toward finishing the creation Read More

Gone Phishing: Cardano Ranks 3rd On List Of Most-Phished Crypto Projects |


Nearly every month, phishing becomes more prevalent, constituting a substantial risk on personal and computer networks around the globe. Tessian Research determined a year ago that employees receive an average of 14 phishing emails annually. 5 BTC + 300 Free Read More

Bitcoin’s Energy Use Dips After Price Drop – Good News For Environmentalists? |


Bitcoin, the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, consumes an astounding amount of electricity. But, its energy use depends on a lot of things. After suffering a major collapse this entire month, BTC price has remained so low that it is driving Read More