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Undeads Announces the Prize Pool of MAYC, BAKC and Otherdeed NFTs for It’s Holders – Press release Bitcoin News

press release PRESS RELEASE. Dubai, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, March. 22nd, 2023, Undeads Metaverse, a highly anticipated AAA Web3 game, is excited to announce a competition for Undeads NFT holders. The competition will be broken down into three prizes. The first Read More

Introducing Binance Oracle VRF: The Next Generation of Verifiable Randomness – Sponsored Bitcoin News

sponsored Main Takeaways Binance Oracle VRF is a Verifiable Random Function (VRF) solution that enables blockchain developers to generate random numbers. Binance Oracle VRF can be used for an extensive selection of use cases, including GameFi projects and other blockchain Read More

Damex Releases in-App Utility Token Damex Token, Enables Users to Earn Rewards for Staking Tokens – Press release Bitcoin News

press release PRESS RELEASE. WATERPORT PLACE, GIB., March 20th, 2023 – Digital Asset Management Limited and the Damex group (“Damex” or “”)), a Distributed Ledger Technology provider based in Gibraltar, recently announced its utility token IEO, the Damex Token ($DAMEX), Read More

Agoras Leads the Way in AI-Based User-Controlled Cryptocurrency – Sponsored Bitcoin News

sponsored Artificial intelligence (AI) seems to be everywhere these days. With the rise of ChatGPT and other trending AI applications, many cryptocurrencies have been rushing to adopt it as well. However, not all AI is created equal. Logical-AI, an approach Read More

Bloxmith Launches Raiders Rumble, a Mobile Strategy Game for Both Web2 and Web3 Gamers, on the Flow Blockchain – Press release Bitcoin News

press release PRESS RELEASE. Taipei, March 13, 2023 – Bloxmith, the player-first Web3 gaming studio, today announced that the open beta for Raiders Rumble, its unique 1v1 squad battler game for mobile powered by the Flow blockchain, is now available Read More

Join the Plena Smart Wallet Referral Program and Win Big with $1,000,000 in PLENA Tokens – Press release Bitcoin News

press release PRESS RELEASE. Plena Smart Wallet, which is one of the first self-custodial wallets to support Account Abstraction is thrilled to unveil its hotly anticipated referral program that offers rewards worth up to $1,000,000 in $Plena tokens. The program Read More

Alvey Chain Introduces World’s First Next-Generation Virtual Reality Multiverse Exchange – Press release Bitcoin News

press release PRESS RELEASE. London – Alvey Chain, a decentralized Layer 2 Blockchain built on Ethereum Chain, also a leading provider of blockchain technology solutions, is proud to announce the launch of its next-generation Virtual Reality Multiverse Exchange. The new Read More

Aurora Labs Launches Turnkey Blockchain Solution for Businesses Transitioning to Web3 – Press release Bitcoin News

press release PRESS RELEASE. Aurora Cloud is the all-in-one cloud infrastructure solution bridging Web2 and Web3. 03/02/2023 Denver – Web3 infrastructure startup Aurora Labs announced the launch of Aurora Cloud, a platform and suite of products that allows today’s Web2 Read More

Venom Blockchain Partners with DAO Maker to Incubate Web3 Startups Focused on Real-world Use Cases – Press release Bitcoin News

press release PRESS RELEASE. Abu Dhabi, 13 February 2023 — Venom Foundation, the first Layer-1 blockchain licensed by the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM), has announced a partnership with DAO Maker, a leading blockchain growth solutions provider known for their Read More

Bit2Me Debit Card Launch Gives Users up to 9% Cashback on All Purchases – Sponsored Bitcoin News

sponsored Bit2Me, the biggest Spanish exchange, and the first company to be recognized as a virtual service provider by the Bank of Spain has just launched a long-awaited debit card. The Bit2Me debit card works across the entire Mastercard network, Read More

Bitget Announces Winners of Hero Trader Awards 2022 – Press release Bitcoin News

press release PRESS RELEASE. VICTORIA, Seychelles — Bitget, a leading cryptocurrency derivatives exchange, has announced the winners and conclusion of its Hero Trader Awards 2022 competition. The event was organized to select the best 15 copy traders with high moral Read More

“We’re on the Right Highway” How Metaspins Crypto Casino Is Growing Rapidly Weeks After Its Launch – Press release Bitcoin News

press release PRESS RELEASE. Three months since announcing its launch, is rapidly flying into the crypto space. The new crypto casino offers players 100% crypto gameplay, a selection of over 2,500 games, and plenty of promotions which will keep Read More

Fortune Unicorn Club (FUC), the First DIY-Mint Method NFT Project, Has Won 2 Million in Funding in the ForChain Labs’ Seed Round – Press release Bitcoin News

press release PRESS RELEASE. ForChain Labs was founded in April 2022 as a web 3 startup company. Meanwhile, the NFT project, Fortune Unicorn Club, was being developed. ForChain Labs has raised 2 million funds in its seed round and will Read More

GAIMIN Delivers a Decentralized Approach to the Increasing Requirement for More Data Processing Power – Sponsored Bitcoin News

sponsored The world-wide demand for data processing is increasing year-on-year, with data processing applications requiring ever increasing performance from data processing devices and services. Industries, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), video rendering, powering blockchain computations, scientific simulations and research, financial Read More

Spacewalkers: Becoming an Investor on the Blockchain – How Can Anyone Invest in the Gaming Industry? – Sponsored Bitcoin News

sponsored Spacewalkers, a gaming studio, is revolutionizing the way that investors can participate in the profits of their projects. The company is releasing a series of games and offering the opportunity for anyone to invest in them through the use Read More

MEXC 2022 Recap: Futures Business Grows by 1200% and Exceeds 10 Million Users – Sponsored Bitcoin News

sponsored Recently, the cryptocurrency trading platform MEXC released two retrospective articles: Major Events in Cryptocurrency Market 2022,Which Affected You the Most? Blog-Top 10 Highlights of MEXC 2022, which respectively reviewed the cryptocurrency market in 2022 and the development of MEXC Read More