Author: Rick D.

‘Discount Bitcoin Bandit’ Could Face 10 Years for Cryptocurrency Armed Robberies | NewsBTC

A woman from East Hollywood, California, has been convicted of robbery relating to peer-to-peer Bitcoin trades. Precious Lanay Fitzgerald was one of two involved in the incidents that awarded the pair the moniker ‘Discount Bitcoin Bandits’.The 29-year-old may face a Read More

“Bitcoin is the Future of Money” Claims Bitpanda’s Guerrilla Projection Campaign | NewsBTC

In an effort to spread awareness about the leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, staff from Bitpanda Global Exchange have been projecting pro-Bitcoin messages across cities in Europe. The “guerrilla projection” project has hit London, Paris, and Zurich so far.The effort appears to Read More

Goldman Sachs Predicts US-China Trade War to Continue into 2020, Will It Benefit Bitcoin? | NewsBTC

Economists at global investment bank Goldman Sachs believe there to be no end in sight to the ongoing US-China trade war. Although damaging to economic interests in both nations, the lack of resolution may well be bullish for Bitcoin.The cryptocurrency Read More

UK Information Commissioner Has Concerns About Facebook’s “Cryptocurrency” Project | NewsBTC

The UK information commissioner has expressed concerns over Facebook’s cryptocurrency-like project, Libra. Elizabeth Denham says that the San Francisco-based firm has not provided enough detail about how it will keep personal information safe.The British privacy regulators are the latest on Read More

Ripple Announces University Blockchain Research Initiative Parternships with Kyoto and Tokyo Universities | NewsBTC

Blockchain firm and creator of the XRP digital currency, Ripple, has announced that its University Blockchain Research Initiative (UBRI) has partnered with two Japanese higher education institutions. With the inclusion of Kyoto University and the University of Tokyo, the initiative Read More

Government Restrictions on Cash Transactions Show Why Bitcoin is Important | NewsBTC

The government of Australia wants to ban cash payments for goods and services exceeding 10,000 AUD ($6,900). Interestingly, it excludes digital currency, such as Bitcoin, from the restrictions, arguing that if the regulations cover crypto assets, they would also limit Read More