Author: Tony Spilotro

Stocks Limit Up, Gold Revisits High, is Bitcoin About To Pump? | NewsBTC

Over the last month, as the coronavirus continues to have a devastating impact on the economy and markets, stocks, gold, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies all saw record-breaking collapses. Go to Source Author: Tony Spilotro Recommended Crypto Services, Products and Strategies: Read More

Miner Capitulation: Hash Rate is Dropping Faster Than Bitcoin Price | NewsBTC

Bitcoin is a unique asset unlike anything else in the financial world. Much of its value is derived from its underlying blockchain protocol, powered by miners through a process called proof-of-work.However, the first-ever cryptocurrency’s hash rate is dropping faster than Read More

Analyst: Bitcoin Stock to Flow Model Continue’s to Hold, Now It’s Your Turn

Bitcoin is currently struggling to stay above $5,000, when just a couple weeks prior, the asset was trading above $10,000 – over double the current price.But despite the latest fall, the asset’s highly-cited stock-to-flow model focusing on the asset’s hard-coded Read More