Crypto Staking

Passive income is one of the most effective ways to grow wealth.  Most traditional investors seek passive income through stock dividends or interest bearing securities like bonds.  However, it’s getting increasingly difficult to find traditional investments that offer good passive income due to high stock valuations and ultra low interest rates.  Thankfully, investors can still find extremely profitable passive income opportunities using Crypto Staking opportunities.

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Crypto Consensus Algorithms

Crypto DividendsNot all Cryptocurrencies are created equal.  Bitcoin for instance uses a consensus algorithm known as Proof Of Work.  This type of consensus algorithm has proven itself to be extremely secure and trustworthy, but it also comes with a heavy resource cost in electricity.  The extra cost of using POW algorithms as well as the slower performance, has led many crypto projects to develop newer consensus algorithms such as Proof of Stake, Delegated Proof of Stake, Proof of Importance, and many others.  These newer algorithms allow anyone to simply hold the Crypto Assets in a special wallet designed to secure the Blockchain and get rewarded automatically.  There’s no need to set up special mining equipment or worry about extra electricity costs.  The idea is very similar to holding fiat money in a savings account, accept the interest you earn is a lot higher!

So, Which Projects Offer Crypto Staking?

Dividend SavingsThere are many great projects that allow an investor to stake their crypto assets.  Projects like Cardano, NEO, VeChain and Tron are a few of the top projects that use proof of stake consensus algorithms that pay out dividends to their long term holders.  Each project distributes their tokens in a slightly different way, so it’s important to learn about the project you’re investing in and how to leverage the passive income opportunity for each.  Some projects such as EOS and Waves allow investors to lease their tokens to dApp developers and block producers for crypto dividends, so it’s not always as simple as just leaving your crypto in a wallet.  Thankfully, you can check out the Crypto Master List to see which projects offer Crypto Staking and how to set them up to start earning passive income right away!

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White Eagle says:

Blocknet (block) is a great one for Staking,
Currently it’s %17-%19
(Of course this could change like any Staking coin with the amount of stakers)
No minimum requirements as well.
Trading at just above $2 now and is predicted to go in the hundreds within a few years.

Hey White Eagle! Thanks for the additional info. I’ll be sure to check out Blocknet and consider adding it to my list of dividend cryptos.

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