Game On: Why web2 game developers are adopting web3 gaming – SlateCast #54


Quick Take

  • Web3 gaming is still in its early stages of development.
  • The future of web3 gaming will be more sustainable and rewarding.
  • Tokens can be used as a new business model in web3 gaming.
  • The key to creating a successful economy in a game is to value players’ effort.
  • Creating a great game is the best way to win the hearts and minds battle around web3 gaming.
  • Accessibility and creating a great game with a great business model are crucial in expanding the reach and creating a larger community of players.
  • Creating new IPs with new features is essential in the web3 gaming market.
  • Creating a sense of ownership and connection for players is important in the gaming industry.
  • Games 4 A Living is committed to a sustainable business model and a thriving community of gamers.

SlateCast Episode 54 with Manel Sort

In this episode of the SlateCast, Akiba, and Manel Sort discuss the differences between web2 and web3 gaming. Manel, the former general manager of King and current CEO of Games for a Living, explains that the development cycle for web3 gaming is still in its early stages. He notes that the gaming industry has gone through several major revolutions in the past, including the internet revolution that brought about the concept of free-to-play games as a service. He explains that the issue with this model was sustainability, which led to the development of a new model that focuses on creating levels and resetting the game operation to ensure continuous entertainment, known as Game as a Service 2.0.

The future of web3 gaming: More sustainable and rewarding models

Manel also discusses the recent breakthrough in web3 gaming that exploded with games like Axinfinity and Xinfinity, which focused on creating value rather than selling time. He notes that these models were successful but had the same issues as the earlier free-to-play model. He believes that the future of web3 gaming will be more sustainable and points to the upcoming release of Games for a Living’s game with a Battle Pass, which will utilize a token and a sustainable business model.

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When asked about the development cycle for web3 games, Manel notes that it is still in its early stages, with a lot of chaos and bad perceptions about what’s there. However, he sees this as an opportunity for entrepreneurs to create something better and more rewarding for both themselves and gamers. He believes that with a lot of effort, the new technology will bring about transformations that will be the newest timer in the future. Overall, Manel believes that web3 gaming has the potential to be just as successful as free-to-play games, but it will take time to establish a foundation for this new type of gaming.

The emergence of new business models in web3 gaming.

In the world of web3 gaming, new business models are emerging that are different from traditional gaming. The shift towards free-to-play games has been a major change in the industry, with more than 60% of the market now being free-to-play. This has led to a new approach to user acquisition and retention, with the effective cost per acquisition being a key metric. The philosophy behind this shift is simple: allow people to play for free and pay if they want to. This model has led to a proliferation of innovative games that were impossible before, allowing developers to acquire more users.

There is a perception that web3 gaming is all about technology and the blockchain, but the emphasis should be on the gaming experience itself. The idea of having tokens in games that users can win money with is a new business model that has never been done before in a legal way. However, it can lead to problems of creating positive reinforcement for a small group of top players and alienating the rest of the players. The solution is to create an economy in a game that values players’ effort, which can be done through tokens that work like airline miles.

The key to creating a successful economy in a game is to ensure that players can start playing from the beginning and build up their game. This means that pre-sales and other imbalances in the economy should be avoided, as they can break the game. The belief is that all humans value effort, and this principle can be applied to web3 gaming by creating an economy based on players’ effort. This will be more tangible and appreciated by humans, allowing developers to create a real economy that builds up over time.

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Web3 Gaming: Overcoming skepticism and winning hearts and minds

The adoption of web3 gaming has been met with skepticism from traditional gamers. While some have been vocal about their concerns, others may be unaware of what web3 gaming entails. Manel Sort from Games 4 A Living suggests that creating a great game is the best way to win the hearts and minds battle around web3. Players want to have fun, regardless of the business model behind the game. By creating a free-to-play experience similar to what they are familiar with, players can be introduced to new mechanics they cannot find in any other game. The focus is on providing an enjoyable and engaging experience, with web3 mechanics being introduced gradually.

One way to overcome skepticism is to create a great game that players can enjoy without having to deal with the complexities of web3. Elemental Raiders, which is currently available on Steam, is a good example of this. While the blockchain version of the game will not be available on Steam due to its terms and conditions, it will be available on multiple platforms, including PC, Mac, mobile, PlayStation, and Xbox.

Web3 Gaming: The path to improving accessibility and reach

One of the main challenges in the web3 gaming space is accessibility. For a normal gamer, having to learn about wallets and blockchain can be a huge friction point. While technical challenges can be resolved over time, making the path to playing web3 games as smooth as possible is essential. Localization and making the game free-to-play are crucial in expanding the reach and creating a larger community of players.

Creating a great game with a great business model is also crucial in overcoming skepticism and gaining players’ trust. Games 4 A Living believes that the bar has been set with their game Elemental Raiders, which shows that web3 games can work and be successful without being a scam. However, this third challenge is more difficult to overcome as it requires great games with great business models, which can take time to create.

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The importance of new IP in web3 gaming

When entering a new market, Manel Sort believes creating new IPs is essential rather than relying on existing ones. The key is to give players an experience that they can only experience on that platform. This is why games like Fortnite, Candy Crush, and Plant, Cabrera are all new IPs. While there may be a few exceptions like Pokemon Go, these are few and far between. By creating new IPs with new features that can be used, web3 gaming can provide players with a unique and enjoyable experience.

Creating a sense of ownership and connection

Sort emphasized the importance of creating a sense of ownership and connection for players in the gaming industry. By allowing players to have a stake in the development of a new IP, they are more likely to feel connected to the brand. Sort also mentioned that the upcoming game Elemental Raiders will be launching in March, and players will be able to experiment with many of the game’s features.

Sort also discussed the company’s plans to launch a utility token equivalent to air miles for those who want to be part of their gaming platform. He also mentioned a new game in development called Diamond Dreams, which is expected to launch at the year’s end. This game is game that is being designed to have a wider demographic appeal.

Sustainable business model and community growth

In addition to these games, Games 4 A Living is also developing a new game called Soccer Legends, which won several awards in India for best game. Sort emphasized the importance of having a sustainable business model friendly to current players. He also highlighted the company’s commitment to growing its community and improving the gaming experience for its players.

Sort’s passion for gaming was evident in the interview, and he expressed his excitement for the future of web3 gaming. He emphasized the importance of community feedback and collaboration to improve the gaming experience continually. The interview ended on a positive note, with Sort expressing his desire to keep in touch with the gaming community and his plans to continue growing Games 4 A Living.

In conclusion, Games 4 A Living is aiming to become a major player in the web3 gaming industry. With exciting new games on the horizon, including Elemental Raiders and Diamond Dreams, the company is committed to creating a sustainable business model and a thriving community of gamers. Manel Sort’s vision for the future of gaming is inspiring and will undoubtedly lead to exciting new developments in the years to come.

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Author: Liam ‘Akiba’ Wright

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