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Are you feeling wrong about the current crypto and NFT market? So are we. How long will it last? No one knows.

But there is a plan. This whole period can be turned into a very profitable activity. There is no need to call or persuade anyone to order something, then participate in the pyramid and end up disappointed. Creativity is the essential ingredient. Well, there’s also the 0X0.ART NFT ticket, which you can sell at any time. But is it worth it if it’s going to lay golden eggs? Read on to understand the genius behind the idea.

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Have you got a stockpile of NFTs lying around in your wallet without any gains? You’ve done everything right, and you’re a model NFT soldier. Now it’s time to recruit NFTs. Yes, not to sell them, but to recruit them and raise their value. Offer your community to buy high-resolution prints of the real NFTs you have. Imagine how you can increase the value of your NFTs if you release just 10 of these copies, and they are all sold! Just imagine if those paintings change hands, and even then, you get a commission. Somewhere in Australia or Japan, a successful transaction between strangers could bring income directly into your wallet. How? Well, thanks to a non-forgeable sticker + blockchain + NFT. We can’t even replicate a second one. How they are made and why they are impossible to counterfeit can be found here (link).

So, by scanning the QR code, you will get all the information about the painting: number of copies, number of owners, release and sale dates, NFT image, and price. Selling the artwork will be just as easy! Changing the owner will be as easy as transferring a few satoshis.

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Your NFTs will be officially valued and confirmed by entering the blockchain! In case of an accident, you can provide validated and authenticated information to insurance, police, or whoever needs it. Any digital art turned into an actual painting will have complete protection. And the more expensive they are resold, the more profit you will make. All control of the bonuses will be yours. Or do you have other digital art? Mint it on the blockchain and use it in the same way. Remember, with an actual painting; you are giving your NFT a meaning, much more than it had before.

So, when you buy a 0x0art NFT, you get:

  1. Access to an artificial intelligence tool. You will write a text, for example, “the sun is setting at sea, I am unfortunate,” and you will get a picture of how the AI understands it. Didn’t like it? Keep trying until you want it. The tool is constantly being improved, and we have a scientist on our team (link to V.R LinkedIn).
  2. One free 50×38 painting with a wooden frame and high-tech printing. See the website for samples. Whether you choose a raised print or just high resolution, what you want to see in the painting is up to you.
  1. One free shipping to any country in the world. Want to give a painting to a loved one living abroad? The perfect gift. Remember, it will be a one-of-a-kind piece or many copies – it’s up to you.
  2. A holographic sticker to prove the authenticity of the painting. When scanned, the whole story will be visible.
  1. Every NFT sold by other buyers will generate passive income for you. So, you also benefit from the success of others.

What is left to decide what to do next? Will you buy superb NFTs on OpenSea or draw them yourself with our AI tool? Trade digital art created by others by turning it into an amazing-quality real, hangable painting. You don’t even have to leave your house; confirm that you are the owner of the digital art and move on. Maybe eBay? A Discord community? Figure out where you’ll sell, and we’ll take care of the printing and shipping.

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If you get whitelisted, you’ll get 0x0art NFT for $98. The next stage is $125; the third stage is $150. How to get whitelisted? Join Discord (link) and Twitter (link).

Whitelist spots: 800
Starting 27 June. Twitter Discord

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Author: Bitcoinist

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