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What’s more rewarding than a generous crypto cashback boost on all your gift shopping? With the Nexo Card, you can now get up to 6% back on transactions until Dec 31. The offer is available to all Nexo Card users who make their first transaction during the promo period.

The Details

The unique Nexo Card allows you to switch between Credit and Debit Mode in seconds and benefit from favorable promo terms on both.

How To Get Free Crypto  

Three Easy Steps to Get up to 6% Back

If you’ve already activated your Nexo Card, now is the time to use it. Make your purchases count by getting our highest crypto cashback of 6%.

Herе’s how:

  • Go to the Card tab, select ‘Card Mode’ and choose Credit Mode.
  • Opt in to receive your crypto cashback in NEXO Tokens from your ‘Card Settings’ → ‘Choose Cashback Type’ inside the Nexo app.
  • Secure a Platinum Тier by keeping more than 10% of your overall portfolio in NEXO Tokens.

If you haven’t activated your Nexo Card yet, doing so is easy.

  1. Top up at least $50 worth of supported crypto assets.
  2. Open the Nexo Card tab in the Nexo app and activate your virtual one.
  3. Your card is now ready to use! For contactless payments, add your card to Apple Pay or Google Pay.
  4. Enjoy up to 6% crypto cashback for transactions with the Nexo Card.

Bonus Round: 5 More Benefits of the Nexo Card

Paying back crypto cashback is not the only thing that the Nexo Card does right. It has it all dialed in. Here are five more benefits of the card you can enjoy.

  • The Nexo Card reimagines the way you spend in the digital age. It is the first Dual Mode Card that offers you the convenience of switching between Credit and Debit Mode at any time.
  • Unlock the flexibility of both modes, where you can choose from a multitude of currencies. Use Debit with options like EUR, GBP, and USD, and secure your Credit Mode with any cryptocurrency.
  • Your virtual Nexo Card becomes instantly available once you top up at least $50. Go ahead and activate your card through the Nexo app right now.
  • You pay no FX fees for up to €10,000 per month, so there’s no need to worry when spending abroad.
  • You can manage your Nexo Card in real time with just a few taps. Track your transactions, change your PIN, or freeze your card easily within the Nexo app.


How long will the Promo last?
This limited-time promo will be available only from Tuesday, Nov 21 at 13:00 UTC to Sunday, Dec 31, 2023, at 23:59 UTC.

When will I get my crypto cashback?
Once your transaction with the Nexo Card is settled, you’ll receive crypto cashback based on your Loyalty Tier. This cashback amount will be seamlessly added to your portfolio balance, allowing you to start earning interest on it automatically.

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Is there a limit to the rewards I can receive?
You have a monthly limit for promotional cashback in both Credit and Debit Mode. Once this limit is reached on Credit Mode, you will then start getting standard cashback. It’s important to note that once you reach the promotional cashback limit on Debit Mode, you will not receive standard cashback.

The reward limit is based on the Loyalty Tier and is as follows:


  • $100 promo monthly cashback limit;
  • $100 monthly standard cashback limit;


  • $75 promo monthly cashback limit;
  • $75 monthly standard cashback limit;


  • $50 promo monthly cashback limit;
  • $50 monthly standard cashback limit;


  • $25 promo monthly cashback limit;
  • $25 monthly standard cashback limit;

Crypto cashback limits apply to both Debit and Credit Mode, with users getting crypto cashback in both modes using their card, and any eligible spending beyond the promotional cashback limit contributes to standard cashback earnings, subject to the overall monthly limit.

What happens if my Loyalty Tier changes during the promo?
The crypto cashback you receive corresponds to your Loyalty Tier at the time of the purchase. Upgrading to a higher Loyalty Tier will correspondingly increase your crypto cashback and cashback limit, while downgrading will have the opposite effect.

Is there a minimum amount I need to spend to be eligible for the promo cashback?
No, there are no restrictions on the size of your purchases with the Nexo Card. Whether your purchase is small or large, you’ll receive crypto cashback based on your Loyalty Tier. The minimum cashback you can earn is $0.01.

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Can I spend via Apple Pay and Google Pay?
Yes, you can integrate your card with Apple Pay and Google Pay. You can do that via the Add to Wallet button in the Card section of your Nexo app.

Are there any transactions that don’t qualify for cashback with the Nexo Card?
The Nexo Card offers wide-range of merchant support. However, certain types of transactions do not qualify for cashback. To see the complete list of merchant categories that are not eligible for cashback, please visit our Help Center article.

Can I participate in the promo if I have already used the Nexo Card?
Unfortunately, no. The crypto cashback promo is only available to users who have yet to make their first transaction with the Nexo Card.

The full general terms and conditions of the promo can be found here.

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