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Legendary Trader: Current Crypto Rally Must Hold Or More Serious Correction Is Coming

A legendary professional trader who famously called Bitcoin’s drawdown from $20,000 to $3,000 with chilling accuracy is claiming that while things are looking bullish for the first-ever crypto asset, if any of the bullish factors he’s watching changes, it could Read More

Three Reasons Why Ethereum is Weaker Relative to Bitcoin, And is Down 89% From ATH | NewsBTC

For much of recent years, crypto enthusiasts hoped that Ethereum would take Bitcoin’s place to become the leading blockchain project by market valuation. But heading into 2020, the so-called “flippening” has still not arrived.Ethereum’s native token, dubbed as Ether, is Read More

Five Years of Bitcoin Trendlines All Lead to This One Point; “Fireworks” Inbound

Since Bitcoin’s genesis block was first mined, the cryptocurrency has been caught within a whirlwind that has allowed BTC to post gains that defy historical precedent.Although the past couple of years have tempered the excitement surrounding the cryptocurrency, it is Read More

Bitcoin May Stall for Six Months Before Any Major Rally; Factors & Trends

Bitcoin’s recent bout of sideways trading around the $8,600 region has resulted in a massive bear-favoring movement, with BTC now plummeting down towards the lower-$8,000 region.This movement has completely altered the sentiment amongst investors, with many analysts now claiming that Read More

Bitcoin Just Violently Rejected $8,600: Here’s Why It Likely Means Retest of $7,000s | NewsBTC

The bitcoin price just strongly rejected the $8,600 level, breaking down from a tight range for the first time in four days. BTC dropped below $8,400 on major exchanges like BitMEX, leaving the dominant cryptocurrency vulnerable to a deeper pullback.Similar Read More