Author: Avi Mizrahi

The Internet May Be Next Victim of Coronavirus Pandemic – Netflix, Google, Apple and Amazon React – Bitcoin News

With an estimated billion people staying home, remote working or just watching shows online all day, telecom infrastructure is coming under great strain. Experts and companies are mostly saying that the risk is far from critical yet, but the EU Read More

Tether Launches Stablecoin Token on Bitcoin Cash via Simple Ledger Protocol – Bitcoin News

Tether, the world’s most popular stablecoin, will be using the Simple Ledger Protocol built upon the Bitcoin Cash network for issuing its tokens. Among other things, this means that millions of Wallet users will now be able to send Read More

You Can Now Trade CS:GO Game Items Safely for BCH Through Blind Escrow on Local – Bitcoin News

Are you looking for a cool way to earn bitcoin cash privately instead of buying it directly? You can now connect your Steam account to the peer-to-peer marketplace Local and trade CS:GO game items for BCH via blind escrow. Read More

Binance Lending Adds Bitcoin Cash to Flexible Deposits Letting Users Earn Interest on BCH – Bitcoin News

Bitcoin cash users now have another venue to earn interest on their digital asset holdings. Binance has added support for BCH flexible deposits on its lending platform, alongside ETH and EOS. This development comes just as competition in the crypto Read More Exchange to Sponsor Decentralized Collectible Card Game Splinterlands – Bitcoin News

Splinterlands is one of the most popular collectible trading card games in the cryptocurrency scene and a successful decentralized app. To help the game attract more players, and introduce them to bitcoin cash at the same time, Exchange will Read More Will Allow Retail Wallet Users to Borrow USD Stablecoins With Cryptocurrency – Bitcoin News

The digital assets lending field seems to be heating up with starting to offer lending directly to retail consumers globally. Borrowed USD stablecoins can be used by crypto traders to fund their next trades and thus increase the leverage Read More

Newly-Launched Bitcoin.Com Lottery Unlocks Global Lotteries Through Cryptocurrency Payments – Bitcoin News

Following the recent partnership between and Bravio Technologies Limited, the Lottery platform has officially launched. It lets users play the most popular global lotteries from any location. Tickets can be purchased using either bitcoin cash (BCH) or bitcoin Read More

Bitcoin Cash Community Supports Greater Privacy by Donating Over 100 BCH to Cashfusion Fundraiser – Bitcoin News

The Bitcoin Cash community is showing its support for greater privacy by putting its money where its mouth is and donating to Cashfusion. The recently launched fundraiser has already raised more than 100 BCH and achieved over 70% of its Read More

Binance Users in Turkey Can Now Deposit and Withdraw TRY via Akbank Integration – Bitcoin News

The competition for the Turkish cryptocurrency market appears to be heating up as Binance is the latest platform to launch a banking integration for the Lira (TRY). The global digital asset exchange is now open to direct transactions of local Read More

Virgin Galactic Stock Is Skyrocketing, Will Take Bitcoin to Shoot You Into Space – Bitcoin News

Virgin Galactic is one of the leading ventures in the emerging private space race alongside companies such as Spacex. However, it is being compared now mostly to another Elon Musk creation – Tesla. This is because Virgin Galactic stock is Read More

China Is Scrubbing Cash Notes to Stop Virus Spreading so Its Government Paper Money Wont Kill You – Bitcoin News

Research has shown that government paper money is a hotbed for bacteria and that, at least in the U.S., most bank notes in circulation are tainted by cocaine. Now you can also worry about a new threat possibly sticking to Read More

Cred Now Enables LTC Holders to Earn Up to Ten Percent Interest on Their Digital Assets – Bitcoin News

Cred, a licensed crypto-backed lending and borrowing platform based in California, now supports litecoin. The service will allow LTC holders to earn up to ten percent interest through any of its partners including the Litecoin Foundation,, Uphold, and Bitbuy. Read More