Earn Crypto Using Brave Browser

Brave Browser Square BannerAre you interested in earning free crypto just for browsing the same sites you normally do?  Then the Brave Browser is the perfect solution for you.  Not only does this amazing browser allow you to earn free crypto, but it automatically blocks all third party ads and trackers too. Privacy is a top priority for the Brave team, and they want to make sure that all advertisements viewed on their platform are completely optional.  The users of the Brave Browser have all the control and can easily turn any feature on or off at any time.  

Brave Browser and the Basic Attention Token

Basic Attention TokenThe cryptocurrency of the Brave platform is the Basic Attention Token, or BAT for short.  The whole idea behind this crypto is to make everyone involved in the advertising process more efficient and privacy focused. Instead of allowing huge corporations to collect our data, share it with whomever they wish, and earn all the profits, the goal of the Brave team is to allow the user, the advertiser and the publisher to all benefit. The user will greatly benefit from increased security, privacy and the ability to opt in to view ads in exchange for BAT tokens.  Advertisers will benefit from the increased attention that users give to the ads they purchase on the platform.  Since users choose to view ads, they will also be more likely to interact with those ads, which increases the quality of leads for advertisers. Ads are also highly targeted without the need for corporations to store your data, since all the data is stored locally in the browser instead. 

Publishers Benefit From User Visits And Tips

Brave RewardsOne of the most interesting features of the Brave Browser is that it allows its users to pay content creators with the BAT that they’ve earned from viewing ads.  Since Brave automatically blocks all ads and trackers, this removes the primary revenue stream for most content creators today. We’ve all become accustomed to seeing advertisements being forced on us whenever we visit our favorite sites. But what if we could clean up all these annoying ads and make our browsing experience more pleasurable while still allowing content creators to make money?  The Brave Browser is solving this issue by giving their users the ability to automatically contribute a portion of their ad earnings to their favorite publishers.  Users can also give additional tips to sites they believe have value, which creates incentives for publishers to make quality content. 

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Brave Browser

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