My Real Estate Portfolio

Have you ever been interested in investing in houses?  How about apartments or commercial Real Estate?  Well, this is exactly what I do using an innovative crowdfunding platform known as Fundrise.  I also own several rental homes outside of Fundrise , and if you have the means to do this, I highly recommend it.  However, since the goal of this site is to empower any individual, no matter how much money they have, with the ability to invest in these assets, I decided the Fundrise platform was perfect to meet this objective. 

Anyone can Own Real Estate with Fundrise

Owning a single home is great, but owning a diversified portfolio of houses, apartments and commercial real estate is even better!  The Fundrise platform enables this type of investment service for anyone with as little as $500 to start.  After your initial $500 investment, you can begin investing as little as $10 and even set up automatic deposits so you don’t have to think about it any longer.  After creating an account with Fundrise, you’ll have a choice to allocate most of your money into income producing assets, growth assets or a good blend of each.  Since growth assets already dominate my Crypto and Stock portfolios, I’ve chosen to focus my Real Estate investments on income instead.  What you choose for yourself should depend on your own risk tolerance, how old you are and the other assets you own.  

Fundrise Portfolio Options

Simple, Elegant, Efficient and Informative

My personal experience with the Fundrise platform has been very positive.  The user interface is very intuitive and simple to understand.  At the same time, the application provides detailed information on each of the Real Estate assets in your portfolio and the Fundrise team does an exceptional job at keeping you updated on any changes to your investments.  Another amazing feature of the application, is the daily updates to your balance coming from rental payments, interest payments or increases in value of the underlying assets in your portfolio.  I can’t help myself from logging in each day to see the increase in my portfolio’s value. 

Fundrise User Interface

So, are you ready to begin investing in private Real Estate assets that were originally only available to accredited investors and institutions?  If so, be sure to use my Fundrise link to waive the platform’s advisory fees for the first 90 days.  I hope this addition to your portfolio will help you achieve the financial freedom that you deserve. 

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