How To Get Free Cryptocurrency

How To Get Free Cryptocurrency

Whether you’re a Crypto Enthusiast, Investor, or just starting out, earning Free Cryptocurrency is awesome!  There are several ways to get Free Crypto, but some methods aren’t nearly as good as others.  This is why Crypto Renegade only recommends quality services for earning Free Cryptocurrency while also teaching you how to use the programs together for even greater earning potential.

The Best Faucet Network For Free Crypto

One of the fastest and easiest ways to earn Free Cryptocurrency is to collect from faucet sites.  However, not all faucet sites are made equal.  Most of them aren’t dependable and are often plagued with horrible advertisements and pop-ups that destroy the user experience.  But there are a few that stand out from the crowd, including all of the faucets on CoinPot’s network.  The network of faucet sites that CoinPot manages are all top quality and very dependable.  Be sure to check out the CoinPot Strategy article for more information and a tutorial video to get you started.

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Earn Interest On Your Free Bitcoin

Another premium faucet site and one of the oldest online Bitcoin businesses, is FreeBitcoin.  This site not only offers a very dependable and ad free Bitcoin Faucet, but they also provide a great dice game, lottery, reward points, monthly contests, and a Bitcoin savings account.  Once your account accumulates over 0.0003 BTC, you immediately start earning interest on the Bitcoin you leave in your FreeBitcoin wallet.  They also provide 2FA to add an extra layer of security for your funds.  Make sure you check out the FreeBitcoin Strategy article to see how you can combine this Free Crypto method with the CoinPot Strategy to earn even faster!

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Create Passive Income With Interest Accounts

Crypto InterestFor those interested in earning great interest on their crypto assets, there are several applications that currently offer very competitive rates for multiple coins.  Some coins are earning as much as 10% APY with most earning between 3-8% APY.  All of the programs recommended here are very legit, but please be sure to do your own due diligence before depositing your crypto with any company.  To learn more about the best companies currently offering these crypto interest accounts, check out the Crypto Interest Strategy article.

Get Crypto Dividends For HODLing

Crypto DividendsMany people start investing in Crypto Assets without understanding the potential of the coins they’re buying.  Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin use a consensus mechanism known as Proof of Work or POW.  Blockchains that use POW require miners to use electricity to secure the network and process new blocks.  Each block that gets processed also creates new coins for the network.  However, newer Blockchains are moving towards less resource intensive algorithms such as Proof of Stake, Delegated Proof of Stake, Proof of Importance, and so forth.  These newer consensus algorithms allow a person to simply hold these coins in a wallet designed for the process.  Check out the Crypto Dividends article for more information on great cryptocurrencies that allow you to do this.

Surf The Web With The Brave Browser

Brave BrowserNot only is the Brave Browser a fantastic way to browse the web, with automatic ad blocking features built in, but you can also earn Free Crypto while using it. Since the browser automatically blocks all third party ads and trackers, it also makes websites load faster.  Crypto Renegade highly recommends using Brave as your default browser if possible.  Try downloading the browser today and check out its awesome features and incentives for users, publishers and advertisers.  It’s a completely new way to browse the web, giving control back to the users, while still providing value to publishers and advertisers. Check out the article on how to Earn Crypto Using Brave Browser.

Free Cryptocurrency Articles To Help You Earn More:

For those of you who really want to earn the most in the shortest time possible, be sure to check out the other Free Cryptocurrency articles below.  All of the following methods should be used together to get the most value for your time.

Recommended Crypto Services, Products and Strategies:

The first thing any crypto investor needs is is a reliable and secure Crypto Wallet.  Whether you’re looking for an online wallet, hardware wallet, desktop or mobile wallet, Crypto Renegade provides you with all the Best Crypto Wallets in each category.

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When you’re ready to buy more crypto, or exchange your coins for others, Crypto Renegade’s list of the Best Crypto Exchanges has you covered.  The Crypto Exchanges recommended here offer everything from simplicity and convenience to advanced trading platforms and profit sharing.

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If you want to learn more about the methods and tools that can be used to find Great Crypto Projects, then be sure to check out Crypto Renegade’s strategy for How To Find The Best Cryptocurrency.

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What do you think about these Free Cryptocurrency Strategies?  Do you have any questions?  Be sure to leave a comment below.

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