How to Earn Tezos Staking Rewards

Tezos’ Blockchain uses a Liquid Proof Of Stake consensus protocol which allows users to delegate their Tezos coins to validators called Bakers. In return, users are able to earn a share of the block rewards.  There is no limit to the number of Bakers in the system and users are able to delegate their Tezos to multiple Bakers at one time.  Many Bakers are also active contributors to Tezos’ Blockchain and it is suggested that you delegate to validators that are active members of the community.

Steps To Earn Passive Income With Tezos

  1. Buy Tezos on a Crypto Exchange or from your Crypto Wallet.
  2. Download the Tezbox wallet which has delegation features built in
  3. Send your Tezos coins to your Tezbox wallet
  4. Delegate your coins to the Bakers that you choose
  5. Sit back and enjoy the passive earnings

Delegate To Bakers To Earn Tezos Staking Rewards

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