How To Find The Best Cryptocurrency

When it comes to finding the Best Cryptocurrency to invest in, don’t just listen to the media.  Good investors will often tell you to ignore the noise and focus on the fundamentals.  All too often you find the media being overly optimistic when the markets are at all time highs, and pushing doomsday scenarios when the markets have gone through a healthy correction and bottomed out.  Novice investors fall for this trap quite a lot, which is often used to deliberately create price bubbles and the crashes that follow. This is why most successful investors stick with an investment strategy rather than listening to the manipulation of the media.  Crypto Renegade is dedicated to helping people look beyond the media and focus more on the data to better analyze if a project is worth investing in.

Using Objective Data To Find the Best Cryptocurrency

Objective DataCrypto Renegade has created a Crypto Data Strategy to help narrow down the search for the Top Cryptos.  This strategy collects data from several websites, gives each set of data a score, then adds the data together to come up with an overall ranking for each project.  The top 20 coins are chosen from multiple data sets including market cap, liquidity, development activity, community strength, and more…  The crypto projects that end up on this list are among the Best Cryptocurrency in the market.  Strategies like this tend to pick projects that have a higher chance of surviving long term while also providing substantial profits along the way.

Consider Passive Income Opportunities

Crypto InterestPassive income is one of the greatest ways to build wealth, so one should consider if a crypto project has any passive income opportunities.  Two of the best methods for earning passive income with crypto, is to stake your coins or deposit them into interest bearing accounts.  For crypto projects that use a Proof of Stake consensus protocol, you can earn passive income for securing the Blockchain.  Check out the Crypto Dividends article to learn more about staking your coins.  For the projects that don’t use Proof of Stake, there are still several companies that offer crypto interest accounts and pay out earnings weekly!  The companies recommended on this site are very legit, but please be sure to do your own due diligence before depositing your crypto with any company.  To learn more about the companies offering these services, check out the Crypto Interest Strategy.

Due Diligence Is Always Worth Your Time

Due DiligenceYou should never trust just one source of information to help you find the Best Cryptocurrency.  This is why it is highly recommended that every investor does their own Crypto Due Diligence on the projects they’re thinking of investing in.  Visit the project’s website, subscribe to their YouTube channel, join their social channels, check for upcoming events, and become part of the community.  Learn how the project’s coin is used within the system to see whether there are additional features such as providing Crypto Dividends to investors.  Then finally, after you’ve decided you want to invest in a certain project, you can use technical analysis to help determine if now is a good time to buy or if you should wait a bit longer.  Fortunately, Crypto Renegade provides all the information you need to kick start your Crypto Due Diligence for all the Top Projects.

Diversify Your Crypto Investments

Crypto Portfolio AllocationOnce you start investing in various crypto projects, you should begin thinking about how you want to allocate your crypto portfolio.  Crypto Renegade provides recommendations for investors to consider in the Crypto Allocation Strategy article.  Diversifying your investments and sticking with a disciplined allocation strategy can help investors mitigate risk while increasing profit potential.

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For those people that don’t have any money to invest right now, or just want to understand the technology a bit more, you’ll definitely want to check out Crypto Renegade’s Free Crypto Strategy and start collecting Free Coins today!

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