Best Crypto Wallets

Best Crypto Wallets

One of the first things any crypto investor needs, is a reliable and secure Crypto Wallet to store their coins.  Crypto Renegade is dedicated to recommending only the highest quality Crypto Wallets available.  With so many good wallets out there, it can be difficult to choose which is best for you.  Do you prefer having a 3rd party service secure your coins, or do you want to secure them yourself?  How about a wallet that allows you to earn interest on your crypto?  The recommendations below are among the Best Crypto Wallets in each category.

Best Starter Wallet To Buy Crypto

Coinbase Wallet Coinbase is one of the most well known crypto wallet providers.  Their wallet uses a very simple interface to help you get started in crypto right away.  Besides offering a very secure online wallet, they also provide a variety of other crypto services including their crypto exchange, Coinbase Pro. Coinbase’s wallet also allows you to buy any crypto on their platform using your bank account.  You can even set up daily, weekly or monthly recurring purchases making it extremely easy to cost-average your crypto investments.  Security is extremely important to Coinbase and they make sure to go the extra mile to secure their client’s funds in offline, cold wallets.  Only a small fraction of their client’s funds are kept online for liquidity purposes.  It is this focus on security that makes Coinbase the best 3rd party wallet for securing your Crypto Assets.  At this time, Coinbase only offers wallet services for a few of the top Cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin, but they are already working on adding several new cryptocurrencies to their platform.

Best Hardware Crypto Wallet

Ledger WalletMany people prefer to have complete control over their crypto assets instead of trusting a 3rd party to secure their funds.  For those interested in taking this route, Crypto Renegade highly recommends using Ledger’s Nano S.  Not only are Ledger’s hardware wallets extremely secure, but they also currently support more than 40+ cryptocurrencies and are constantly adding more.  The best part about storing crypto on a Ledger device is that the private keys to access your wallets are never known to anyone, including yourself.  When each device is initially booted up, it asks you to write down a long series of words.  Be sure to write down each word in the exact order it tells you and store the secret passphrase somewhere extremely safe.  This secret passphrase can be used to restore all your crypto wallets in the event that something happens to your device.  Each Ledger device is also secured by an 8 digit passcode which needs to be entered each time you access your Crypto Wallets.  This ensures that thieves can’t get quick access to your funds in case the device is stolen.  Taking ownership of your assets is something Crypto Renegade highly recommends, as this idea is at the very core of what makes cryptocurrencies so valuable.

Best Interest Bearing Crypto Wallets

Crypto EarnAre you looking for an easy and secure way to earn interest on your crypto?  If so, then Celsius Network and have you covered.  Celsius and both offer interest bearing wallets for a large variety of crypto assets, each earning a high rate of return.  The amount of interest you earn depends on the coins you deposit, but usually ranges between 4-12% annually.  Interest is paid weekly, and the apps will send you updates on the interest you earn for each of your deposits.  Both networks also provide access to low interest loans by using their users crypto deposits as collateral.  Every loan that Celsius and Celsius Networkprovide to institutions, exchanges, short-sellers, members of their communities, etc… is all backed by more than 100% of the amount loaned out. This makes their loaning business very secure and minimizes default risk.  The companies generally keep between 20-30% of the interest they earn for operating expenses and give out the other 70-80% to its members.  This extraordinarily high rate of profit sharing is unprecedented in the traditional financial markets and truly shows how dedicated they are to their communities.

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What do you think about the Crypto Wallets mentioned here?  Do you have any questions them?  Be sure to leave a comment below.

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