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Embracing Bitcoin is now a matter of national security says former CIA Director | CryptoSlate


Michael Morell, the former Acting Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, disputes the narrative Bitcoin is full of illicit activity. In an independent paper, Morell’s research led him to conclude that generalizations of illicit activity are overstated. Simultaneously, adding that Read More

The Money Roundup: Making Cents of Blockchain Fundraising News – Finance Bitcoin News

From crypto trading to defi, the most exciting areas in blockchain fintech development and innovation are attracting serious investments from all industry corners. To introduce more tools and complementary services to the ecosystem, the recipients of these capital allocations are Read More

Nifty News: Kevin Smith sells horror flick rights as NFT, Megadeth’s ETH, farming MEMEs …


Filmmaker Kevin Smith is releasing his latest horror anthology “Killroy Was Here” as a non-fungible token.  The owner of the NFT will secure the rights to exhibit, distribute, and stream the work, making it a revenue generator outside of just Read More

Civil Lawsuit Against Craig Wright Wants High Court to Rule Against His Bitcoin White Paper Claims – Bitcoin News

The Crypto Open Patent Alliance (COPA), a bitcoin industry working group focused on patent laws, has filed a civil lawsuit in the UK against Craig Wright. For many years now Wright has insisted he is Satoshi Nakamoto, but has yet Read More

Bitcoin Prices Reached An All-Time High Above $63,000—What’s Next?


Technical analysts have singled out key levels of support and resistance after bitcoin hit its … [+] latest record high. Concept. 3D render Getty Bitcoin prices attained a fresh record today, breaking through $63,000 this morning and then managing to Read More

Latest Episode of The Simpsons Prices Bitcoin at ‘Infinite’ as the Crypto Consolidates Above the $60K Threshold – News Bitcoin News

Bulls are taking the reins of the price action in the bitcoin across the board, making a solid breakout above the $60,000 threshold, reaching new all-time highs, and it seems The Simpsons “did it again.” In a new episode broadcasted Read More

Bitcoin Prices Reach Fresh, All-Time High Ahead Of Coinbase Direct Listing


Bitcoin prices broke through $63,000 today. (Photo by Chesnot/Getty Images) Getty Images Bitcoin prices continued to climb into new territory this morning, surpassing $63,000 the day before cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase was scheduled to go public. The world’s most prominent digital Read More