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It’s very easy to get caught up in crypto hype and make bad investment decisions.  This is why a Crypto Data Strategy is a much better method for determining great projects to invest in.  The basic idea is to collect objective data on cryptocurrencies from several sources, add this data to the spreadsheet below, then sum up all the data to find the best crypto projects.  One of the best reasons to utilize a data driven investment approach is to mitigate risk and remove emotion from the equation.  Experience has shown that emotional investing can very often lead to unnecessary losses.  While data aggregation strategies like this drastically reduce the emotions involved in making investment choices.  Over the long term, a strategy like this almost always beats an emotional strategy.  After all, if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.

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All the data currently collected for the Crypto Data Strategy can be found in the spreadsheet below.  Feel free to download a copy for yourself or just return to this page for updates.

Feel free to comment on the strategy and give your opinion.  If you know any other reliable data sources to use for this strategy, please share.  Together, we can make this spreadsheet a great way for everyone to find the best crypto projects to invest in.

This data should only be used as a tool to expand your own research.  Crypto Renegade is not a financial advisor and everyone should do their own due diligence before making investment choices.


Data Sources Used For Crypto Data Strategy

All the sites below feed in different sets of data for cryptocurrencies.  This data is then aggregated together to find the best crypto projects to invest in. has been around for many years and is one of the most popular crypto sites in the world.  This site is used for Market Cap data which is a great starting point in determining the best crypto projects.  This data shows us the largest and most trusted projects that people are willing to invest in and hold for the long term. Be sure to exclude any fiat pegged cryptos like Tether since their purpose is to be a stable coin for trading, not investing. is used to collect data for a project’s network value and development activity.  To determine a project’s network value, we can look at the number of active addresses and the number of daily on chain transactions.  Messari also gives data on the NVT Ratio which is an interesting way to determine if a crypto project is undervalued.  Most crypto projects also make their source code openly available on Github, which Messari feeds into its site to display various metrics for each project.  One of the most important factors to consider in determining a project’s development activity, is to see how often developers are committing code to the project’s Github repository.  Messari collects this data for the past 90 days and the past year.  This data is used for the Crypto Data Strategy since these 2 metrics can give us a good idea for how strong the development team is and how dedicated they are to updating their software. – Nomics is a great site for collecting data on cryptocurrency trading volume.  Trading volume is a key metric in determining the liquidity of a project’s coin.  As a project matures, its coin will be listed on more exchanges, which will help provide more liquidity for the project.  This acceptance by the market helps determine if a coin is growing and allows for more trust by market participants.  The Crypto Data Strategy uses the trading volume data for the past month. – LunarCrush is another fantastic site that aggregates social data for cryptocurrencies.  They feed in data from Twitter, Reddit, Medium,  YouTube and other news sites. They use this data to count the number of posts that mention crypto projects as well as determining the overall sentiment of the posts.  Social volume and sentiment is important in determining the strength of a project’s community.  As with most crypto projects, the strength of the community is extremely important for continued growth and acceptance.  The Crypto Data Strategy uses the Galaxy Score and Social Volume data to help find top crypto projects. is one of several crypto rating sites that are used for the Crypto Data Strategy.  All the crypto rating sites that were chosen are part of Binance’s growing list of professional rating sites.  The Crypto Data Strategy uses the ratings that these sites give to help broaden the set of data that’s used to find the best crypto projects.

Here are the other crypto rating sites that are currently used in this strategy:

TokenInsight –

FlipSide Crypto

Adding The Data Together To Find The Best Cryptocurrency

The Aggregate Score tab is where all the data above is added together and ranked highest to lowest.  The current scores for each tab are shown below, allowing for a max score of 20 points at this time.

  • Market Cap – 5 Points
  • NVT Ratio – 1 Point
  • Active Addresses – 2 Points
  • On Chain Transactions – 2 Point
  • 90 Day Commits – 1 Point
  • Annual Commits – 1 Point
  • Monthly Trading Volume – 3 Points
  • Galaxy Score – 1 Point
  • Social Volume – 1 Point
  • CoinCheckUp Top Coins – 1 Point
  • TokenInsight Top Coins – 1 Point
  • FlipSide Top Coins – 1 Point

You can download the spreadsheet above and modify the data and the formula if you want to try different weightings or lists.  Please share your thoughts on this strategy and the ranking formula that’s used.  If you have additional sources of information that could be added to this spreadsheet, please share with all of us and the information will be reviewed to see if it can complement the current strategy.

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What do you think about the Crypto Data Strategy?  Do you have any questions about it?  Be sure to leave a comment below.

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