Author: Sergio Goschenko

Vitalik Buterin Among Time’s 100 Most Influential People of 2021 – Bitcoin News

Vitalik Buterin, a co-founder of Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap, has made Time magazine’s list of the 100 most influential people of 2021. The programmer was listed as an innovator, and Time valued his ability to empower other Read More

FSC Regulatory Overhaul Expected to Shut Down 40 Crypto Exchanges in South Korea – Bitcoin News

A new regulatory overhaul could put 40 out of 60 exchanges out of business in South Korea after the firms are expected to fail to meet the conditions that are being proposed by the Financial Services Commission (FSC). This action Read More

Cardano Successfully Applies Alonzo Hard Fork; Adds Smart Contract Capabilities to Its Blockchain – Bitcoin News

Cardano, the third cryptocurrency ranked by market cap, has successfully applied the “Alonzo” hard fork, adding smart contract capabilities to its functionality. The update, that had been deployed in testnet days ago, finally was incorporated in mainnet yesterday. Cardano is Read More

Biggest Bank in El Salvador Now Accepts Bitcoin as Payment for Financial Products – Bitcoin News

Bancoagricola, the biggest bank in El Salvador, is now accepting bitcoin to pay for debts originated from the use of its instruments, according to a PR statement. The institution partnered with Flexa, a payments network, to include cryptocurrency capabilities in Read More

Arbitrum Surpasses $1.5 Billion in TVL Following Rumors of a Possible Token Airdrop – Bitcoin News

Arbitrum, a second layer expansion rollup for Ethereum, has breached the $1.5 billion of total value locked (TVL) in protocols using its services. The smart contract recorded an influx of more than 1 billion just today after a rumor started Read More

Localcryptos P2P Market Adds Support for Bitcoin Cash – Bitcoin News

Localcryptos, the noncustodial P2P cryptocurrency market, has added bitcoin cash to its platform. This is the fifth cryptocurrency the platform has taken on for P2P transactions after having rebranded from Localethereum. The market will leverage the OP_CHECKDATASIG opcode, which presents Read More

Dydx Protocol Unlocks Airdrop Rewards; Users Get up to $50K – Bitcoin News

Dydx, a decentralized exchange, finally unlocked its airdrop rewards for users. Its governance token, dydx, was locked due to airdrop restrictions since the protocol announced its distribution on August 3rd. Since its release the price has skyrocketed, giving some of Read More

Sunacrip and Venezuelan Intelligence Police Issue Warning on Cryptocurrency Scams – Emerging Markets Bitcoin News

Sunacrip, the Venezuelan cryptocurrency watchdog, and the Intelligence Police (CICPC) issued a warning for the general population about cryptocurrency scams. The institutions gave a series of recommendations to avoid being scammed by cryptocurrency Ponzi schemes involving the national cryptocurrency, petro Read More

Oil Producers and Bitcoin Miners Meet in Texas to Discuss Cooperative Mining Possibilities – Mining Bitcoin News

A meetup in a vehicle warehouse in Houston served as an encounter point for oil producers and bitcoin miners to talk about possible on-site crypto mining opportunities last week. More than 200 investors attended the meeting to talk about an Read More

Law Project Establishes Period to Decide Cryptocurrency Regulations in Brazil – Regulation Bitcoin News

A law project introduced in June in the National Congress of Brazil has jumped into the spotlight recently because it establishes a fixed period for the executive to start regulating cryptocurrency transactions. If approved, the proposal will establish the payment Read More

Cheap Power Brings Bitcoin Mining Boom to Venezuela as Country Moves Toward Digital Economy – Bitcoin News

The very low power rates in Venezuela have created a powerful incentive to mine Bitcoin for a lucky few that have the capital (and dare) to purchase miners and infrastructure in the country. The rise of digital currencies has created Read More

Tron Founder Justin Sun Purchases Joker Tpunk NFT for $10.5 Million – Bitcoin News

Justin Sun, founder of Tron, a smart contract-enabled cryptocurrency, announced he purchased an NFT avatar for $10.5 million. The NFT, dubbed ‘Joker’ due to its appearance, is part of a Tron-native NFT series called Tpunks, that seeks to emulate the Read More

Travel Rule Implementation Still Far Off Due to Tech Limitations, Australian Regulator Reports – Bitcoin News

The Australian Department of Home Affairs stated that the country lacked the technical capabilities to implement a system that complies with the travel rule proposed for cryptocurrencies. The Department concluded this in an appearance before the Senate in Australia last Read More

Reusable Payment Addresses: A New Tool to Provide More Privacy in Bitcoin Cash – Bitcoin News

Electron Cash, a leading bitcoin cash wallet, has implemented a new feature called Reusable Payment Addresses. While still in its testing stages, this feature is a tool that can be leveraged to acquire a deeper level of privacy for your Read More

President of Argentina Open to Adopting Cryptocurrencies as Legal Tender – Emerging Markets Bitcoin News

Alberto Fernandez, the president of Argentina, stated he is open to the adoption of cryptocurrencies as legal tender in an interview this week. Fernandez said there is a big discussion around the value and use of cryptocurrencies not only in Read More

Soccer Superstar Lionel Messi Gets Part of His Contract Paid in Cryptocurrency – Bitcoin News

Lionel Messi, the Argentinian soccer superstar, has opted to receive cryptocurrency as part of his new contract signed with the French club Paris Saint-Germain. The club revealed that the player will receive crypto as part of his $30 million payment, Read More

Chainalysis Announces It Will Include Dogecoin Coverage in Its Reports – Bitcoin News

Chainalysis, one of the leading blockchain intelligence companies in the world, has announced it will now cover the Dogecoin network in its reports. The company argues that dogecoin became one of the most known cryptocurrencies in the world after being Read More

Bitcoin Cash Argentina Crowdfunds Circular Economy and Adoption Campaign – Bitcoin News

Bitcoin Cash Argentina, a nonprofit foundation destined to increase the knowledge and adoption of the cryptocurrency in the country, has achieved its second milestone by crowdfunding a new circular economy campaign using Flipstarter. This new campaign goes even further with Read More