Author: Emilio Janus

BitMEX Insurance Fund Seems To Be Working As Intended: CryptoQuant

Following the BitMEX Insurance Fund’s continued growth throughout the year, data provider, CryptoQuant, took a deeper look at the derivatives specialist’s on-chain data. Insurance Fund Now Holds 0.18% Of All Bitcoin Over the past 12 months the BitMEX Insurance Fund Read More

Craig Wright Unveils the Origin Behind ‘His’ Satoshi Nakamoto Pseudonym

Serial forger, fantasist, and the world’s most famous Faketoshi, Craig Wright, has been at it again. This time ‘proving’ that he genuinely is Satoshi Nakamoto, by sharing a timestamped document, revealing the pseudonym’s origins… Or at least holding up a blurry Read More

Craig Wright Tries To Wriggle Out Of Paying $658k Legal Fees

Anyone who thought that the lead Satoshi Nakamoto impersonator, Craig Wright, would finally have accepted defeat and scurried off back into obscurity again by now, must be getting increasingly disappointed. Despite losing the well-documented Kleiman case back in August, Wright Read More