Author: Felipe Erazo

Fraudsters Impersonate a US Federal Agency by Sending Emails Asking for Bitcoin Wallet Keys – News Bitcoin News

U.S. consumers have been receiving fake emails that attempt to impersonate a federal regulatory agency which has raised alarms among crypto community members. The U.S. Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) warned that such bogus messages ask people Read More

South Korean Governor Becomes the First Politician to Disclose Publicly His Cryptocurrency Holdings in the Country – News Bitcoin News

Regardless of the political turmoil that arose in South Korea due to the crypto-related regulations, a leading politician had come forward to reveal that he had made investments in virtual currencies publicly. Won Hee-ryong, the Governor of Jeju Island, unveiled Read More

Argentinean Police Detain Two People Connected to Alleged Crypto Scam Intense Live – News Bitcoin News

As cryptocurrencies become a trending topic across Argentina, local authorities hunt virtual currencies scammers amid the coronavirus-driven crisis and high inflation levels. The Argentine Federal Police detained two members of an alleged pyramid scheme operating in a northern province. Investigations Read More

South Korean Deputy Prime Minister Eases Anti-Crypto Rhetoric, Aims to Create More Domestic Market Opportunities – Regulation Bitcoin News

The South Korean government seems to be easing its anti-crypto tone, as the Deputy Prime Minister came forward with a statement that opened the doors for future open dialogue on virtual currency topics. Hong Nam-ki unveiled that officials are assessing Read More

Chinese Internet Cafe Owners Deal With the Pandemic Crisis by Using Their Facilities to Mine Cryptocurrencies – Mining Bitcoin News

The Coronavirus pandemic has driven people to take advantage of new business lines to deal with the economic crisis, and cryptocurrency is once again a headliner. Internet cafe owners in China are using their facilities to set up crypto mining Read More

Cuban Central Bank Issues Warning on the Rising Number of Crypto-Related Ponzi Cases – Regulation Bitcoin News

Cuba has witnessed some exciting times in the last few months as far as nationwide digital currency acceptance, but the road toward this goal is still under construction. The country’s central bank recently issued a warning about the rising number Read More

Six People Connected to a $36M Crypto Scam Arrested, Scheme Operated From Multiple Locations in Europe – News Bitcoin News

Authorities in Germany launched a massive operation that cracked down on a sophisticated crypto scam, resulting in the arrest of six people in different European countries. Initial reports state that such a fraudulent scheme stole over $36.2 million worth in Read More

Chinese Investors File Lawsuit Against US-Based Alleged Crypto Fraudster Who Promised $200,000 Profits per Day – News Bitcoin News

A group of Chinese investors has filed a lawsuit against an alleged crypto fraudster based in New York, United States, who ran a Wechat group where he handled the scheme. The scammer reportedly promoted the bogus investment opportunity by promising Read More

Cuban President Discusses Adopting Cryptocurrencies for the ‘Convenience’ of the National Economy – Regulation Bitcoin News

Cuba has been actively discussing the possibility of adopting cryptocurrencies over the last few months during high-political summits. This time, the president of the Caribbean island discussed crypto assets once again during a virtual currencies topic on the summit agenda, Read More

South Korean Banking Association Concerned Over Surge of the Altcoin Trading Frenzy – Altcoins Bitcoin News

A banking association in South Korea recently added weight to regulatory discussions across the country, raising concerns about the high altcoin trading volume. The Korea Federation of Banks (KFB) requested its members to audit trading volumes through their crypto exchanges’ Read More

Japanese Assembly Members Seek to Make Tokyo a ‘Cryptocurrency Trading Center’ – Economics Bitcoin News

Japan is steadily becoming an area of interest for the cryptocurrency industry, and a politician in the capital city is looking to strengthen the trend. A member of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly wants to transform the Japanese capital into a Read More

Kazakhstan Is Preparing the Launch of a CBDC Pilot With Private Financial Companies – Economics Bitcoin News

Central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) are steadily becoming a serious discussion among governments globally, with Kazakhstan as the latest country unveiling its plans. The National Bank of Kazakhstan is making preparations to launch a CBDC pilot program soon. The National Read More

Wallstreetbets Forum Members Targeted by a Crypto Scam That Reportedly Left Over $2M in Losses – News Bitcoin News

The famous Wallstreetbets (WSB) Reddit forum has made headlines again in the cryptocurrency community, but this time around, it’s not because of ban-related topics or endorsements on a digital asset. Some WSB members reportedly fell into a crypto scam which Read More

South Korean Police Raid Crypto Exchange Allegedly Involved in a $214M Multi-Level Marketing Fraud – Bitcoin News

Authorities in South Korea have launched a major raid against a domestic crypto exchange allegedly involved in a millionaire multi-level marketing (MLM) fraud. The police accuse V Global platform of running an illicit operation that reportedly stole hundreds of millions Read More

South Korean Ruling Party Contemplates Postponing Crypto Tax in a Bid to Regain Younger Votes – Regulation Bitcoin News

South Korean political parties are now battling to catch younger votes amid the tough stance among higher government spheres toward digital currencies. As voters are disappointed by how parties are handling the issue, one of them has taken a step Read More

Russian Media Outlet Asks for Crypto Donations After Being Labeled ‘Foreign Agents’ by the Kremlin – News Bitcoin News

Russian authorities have recently labeled one of the leading independent media outlets in the country as a “foreign agent.” Such a maneuver led Meduza to set up a fiat and crypto fundraiser to survive the consequences of labeling. Fund Will Read More

Beijing Is Collecting Data From Local Datacenters Involved in Cryptocurrency Mining Activities – Mining Bitcoin News

Authorities in Beijing have been conducting checks on cryptocurrency mining datacenters to assess and understand its energy consumption and thus the impact on the electric infrastructure. Although it was reported as a rumor by international media outlets, Chinese state media Read More

Customers From Latin American E-Commerce Giant Mercado Libre Can Buy Real Estate With Bitcoin – News Bitcoin News

The biggest e-commerce store in Latin America is the latest major company in the region to join the crypto adoption movement. Mercado Libre is now allowing its customers to buy a selected number of properties from real estate agencies with Read More

Venezuelan Programmer Who Created the Petro Token Regrets Participating in the Project — Works on an Alternative Token – Economics Bitcoin News

Venezuela’s government-backed cryptocurrency is not having the acceptance its cabinet expected, as the latest reports suggest. The petro’s creator, who now lives in exile, wants to build another crypto that gets the adoption its original creation did not in the Read More

South Koreans File Online Petitions Seeking to Remove a Chief Regulator After Harsh Crypto Comments – Regulation Bitcoin News

As the South Korean government keeps strengthening the harsh rhetoric against cryptocurrencies, citizens have become increasingly angry due to the recent words from regulatory authorities. Over the weekend, petitions started to appear on the web, seeking the removal of the Read More