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The FreeBitcoin Strategy builds upon the CoinPot Strategy to help you earn Bitcoin even faster!  The main idea for using FreeBitcoin is to leverage the passive interest feature they offer for all accounts that have 0.0003 BTC or more.   FreeBitcoin is a premium faucet site that’s been around for several years, is extremely dependable, and ad free.  They also offer a great dice game and lottery if you’re in the mood to gamble with your crypto.  On top of that, they have a fantastic Reward Program and a very profitable Referral Program.  When the FreeBitcoin Strategy is combined with the CoinPot Strategy, the Free Crypto earnings build up very fast!

FreeBitcoin Strategy Tutorial Video:

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Earn Reward Points For Extra Crypto Or Gifts

On top of the great faucet and interest earnings, FreeBitcoin also offers the chance to earn reward points.  The reward points earned on their platform can be used for electronics, hardware wallets, gift certificates, bonus faucet earnings, bonus reward point earnings, or lottery tickets.  Now, the best way to earn reward points fast is to play their dice games, lottery or by referring people to their site.  If you’re willing to gamble your crypto, you can rack up a huge amount of reward points in a short amount of time. However, you can also earn reward points just by using their faucet, so this extra bonus is nice to have.

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2-Factor Authentication To Secure Your Funds

When it comes to securing your crypto, having 2-factor authentication is a must.  Thankfully, FreeBitcoin has you covered.  Even if all you have in your FreeBitcoin account is the crypto you’ve collected from faucets, you still don’t want the time spent on these sites to go to waste.  This is why all FreeBitcoin accounts should enable 2-factor authentication. After you enable it, you can rest easily as your Bitcoin balance grows over time.  All good strategies must have security in mind, which is why the FreeBitcoin Strategy emphasizes this point.  Be sure to write down the backup phrase in case you lose or break the device that you set 2FA up on.

Make Your CoinPot Profits Work For You

The FreeBitcoin Strategy wouldn’t be complete without a solid way to keep pouring more free crypto into your account.  After all, the more Bitcoin you add to your FreeBitcoin account, the more interest you will earn on it.  By leveraging the CoinPot Strategy, you can very quickly earn enough Bitcoin to get your FreeBitcoin account above the necessary 0.0003 BTC minimum to start collecting interest on your balance.  A few minutes a day running through the CoinPot Rotator and using FreeBitcoin’s own faucet, will have your Bitcoin balance grow in a very short time.

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What do you think about the FreeBitcoin Strategy?  Do you have any questions about it?  Be sure to leave a comment below.

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