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Unfortunately, this strategy no longer works since the CoinPot team decided to stop supporting their faucet sites at the end of January 2021.  The team reached out to all CoinPot members to let them know about their plans to shut down, so it wasn’t an exit scam and had more to do with the team wanting to move on to new opportunities.  However, there are still several great ways to earn free crypto, including the Free Bitcoin strategy which I still use personally.

This CoinPot Strategy is one of the fastest and easiest ways to collect Free Cryptocurrency.  By using Crypto Renegade’s CoinPot Rotator link, you will be able to collect Free Crypto extremely fast from CoinPot’s network of Faucet Sites.  These websites are called faucets because of the way they drip Bitcoin and other Cryptos to their visitors.  Most faucet sites have a minimum threshold they require you to collect before you can withdraw the coins to your personal wallet.  Reaching the minimum withdrawal threshold used to take a long time, until microwallet services like CoinPot came around.  There are other microwallet services, but CoinPot’s dependable network of faucet sites and user friendly interface makes it stand out as the best Free Crypto microwallet service currently available.

CoinPot Strategy Tutorial Video:

Use CoinPot To Collect All Your Earnings In One Place

The very first thing that you’ll need to do is sign up for a free account with CoinPot and all you need is a valid email address. This is the site where all your free crypto is going to be stored after you claim from their faucet sites.  For those that are new to faucets, you will quickly learn that these sites are full of advertisements. This is how these faucet sites earn more money than they give away.  By forcing you to view ads in exchange for cryptocurrency, these sites make money while also bringing in lots of traffic to their sites.  However, if you prefer to view the sites without ads, just download the Brave Browser which automatically blocks everything while still allowing you to collect.  The Brave Browser will soon be rolling out a new service that will allow you to earn even more free crypto, so be sure to check it out!

CoinPot Rotator Helps You Earn Faster!

To increase the speed at which you collect your free crypto, you should save the following rotator link to your browser’s bookmark bar.

To rotate through all the CoinPot faucets, simply click this link in your bookmark bar anytime you want to earn Free Cryptocurrency.  All of your earnings will be collected in your CoinPot account, which can then be withdrawn, exchanged between the different cryptos offered on the platform,  or used to play their lottery and dice game.

Saving the following URL to your favorites bar will provide you with one simple link that rotates through all the CoinPot Faucets.  This is a redirect link, so the URL below will change once you go to it.

Don’t forget to save the rotator link above to your browser’s bookmark bar.

Leverage FreeBitcoin To Earn Even More!

By signing up for a FreeBitcoin account, you can earn even more from the crypto you’ve collected at CoinPot.  This additional strategy requires you to exchange all your CoinPot tokens for Bitcoin, and then withdraw the Bitcoin to your FreeBitcoin wallet.  After your FreeBitcoin wallet has at least 0.0003 BTC, it will begin earning interest automatically.  The FreeBitcoin site also provides its own Crypto Faucet and other methods for earning more.  Be sure to check out our FreeBitcoin Strategy article for more details on their service and how to best use them.

Free Bitcoin

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What do you think about this CoinPot strategy? Do you have any questions about it? Be sure to leave a comment below.


Aurimas says:

Very nice presentation thanks 🙂 But what if I already have coinpot acc (registered through site), still I can use the rotator (or it will violate TOS) ? I used coinpot basicly for dice multiplier game until now. But now I have wider view thanks to Your video 🙂 also I want to ask as I registered through and automatically opened coinpot acc, do I have to register separately in each faucet or as with bitfun I already cpan use them all? Thanks in advance 🙂

Hey Aurimas! Thanks for the great comment. You won’t have any issues using the rotator. All you have to do is use the same email and password that you used for on all the other coinpot sites including the main site. I hope you find the tool useful. 🙂

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