How To Earn EOS Staking Rewards

EOS Dividends

EOS uses a tool known as the Resource Exchange or REX to distribute network earnings to the users who purchase REX tokens with their EOS.  The best part is that you never lose ownership of your EOS and REX tokens always appreciate in value as the network collects interest payments from CPU and NET loans, EOS name bids and RAM fees.  Once a user wants to get their EOS back, they can sell their REX tokens to get back their original amount plus earnings.

Check out EOS Authority’s REX interface for more details –

Steps To Earn Passive Income With EOS

  1. Buy EOS on a Crypto Exchange or from your Crypto Wallet.
  2. Send your EOS to your personal wallet
  3. Buy REX tokens
  4. For long term savers, you should stake your REX tokens
  5. Sit back and enjoy the passive earnings

Earn EOS Staking Rewards By Participating in REX

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