Author: Jamie Redman

Bitcoin Cash Sees Mining Pool Shift and Hashrate Surpass 4 Exahash – Bitcoin News

While people have watched the BTC network surpass 100 exahash per second (EH/s), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has been steadily gathering hashrate as well. Since the November 15, 2018 blockchain split, which produced the Bitcoin SV (BSV) chain, BCH hashrate has Read More

Bitcoin Cash Gets Significant Privacy Boost With Cashfusion Alpha Launch – Bitcoin News

On January 17, the BCH developer known as Acidsploit announced the launch of the highly anticipated Cashfusion alpha. Interested parties can reach out to the Cashfusion developers via the team’s Telegram group to become an alpha tester. The news of Read More

Developer Proposes Decentralized Bitcoin Hashrate Derivatives – Bitcoin News

There’s a new concept called Powswap that lets people speculate on hashrate in order to hedge against price volatility. Powswap was developed by the software engineer Jeremy Rubin who believes hashrate derivatives products allow people to leverage new trading strategies. Read More

An In-Depth Look at the Multi-Currency Cold Storage Card Ballet – Bitcoin News

Last September, Bobby Lee, the former CEO of China’s first cryptocurrency exchange BTCC revealed his new business venture Ballet, a non-electronic crypto wallet solution that offers multi-currency support. During the North American Bitcoin Conference Miami, all the attendees got a Read More

Fed Officials Ponder Funding Hedge Funds and Private Brokers Directly – Bitcoin News

On January 13, the New York Federal Reserve gave $60.7 billion to eligible private financial institutions by leveraging U.S. Treasurys and agency securities. With all the stimulus given to financial institutions since September, it hasn’t relieved the stress of economic Read More

China Saw $11.4 Billion in Crypto-Based Capital Flight Last Year – Bitcoin News

On January 8, China-based blockchain security firm Peckshield published its “2019 Global Digital Asset AML Research Report” noting a variety of crypto trends throughout the year. According to the study, cryptocurrency-based capital flight stemming from China was around $11.4 billion Read More

Institutional and Retail Bitcoin Futures Demand Continues to Climb – Bitcoin News

2019 saw significant bitcoin derivatives action from firms like CME Group and Bakkt. This year, demand for CME’s bitcoin futures remains strong and the firm’s options products may be available this week. Additionally, Bakkt’s physically-delivered bitcoin futures have consistently seen Read More

Mining Report Highlights China’s ASIC Manufacturing Improvements and Dominance – Bitcoin News

During the first month of the new year, the research firm Tokeninsight published its “Mining Industry Annual Research Report,” which covers the competitive bitcoin mining sector. Tokeninsight’s study highlights the fact that BTC’s hashrate increased by 80% in 2019, even Read More

Court Gives Craig Wright More Time to Await the Mysterious Bonded Courier – Bitcoin News

10 days after the Tulip Trust expired, new court filings have appeared in the billion-dollar Kleiman v. Wright lawsuit. One document describes the professed existence of a Tulip Trust III, which was shown to the plaintiffs on January 6, 2020. Read More

Bithumb Pledges $8M to South Korea’s ‘Regulation-Free’ Blockchain Zone – Bitcoin News

South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb has pledged to invest roughly $8 million into the Busan blockchain zone. The region was recently declared “regulation-free” by the national government and modeled after the Switzerland town of Zug. Bithumb’s subsidiary GCX Alliance will Read More

How Dropgangs and Dead Drops Are Transforming Darknet Practices – Bitcoin News

Since the creation of the Silk Road, authorities have waged a war against the online drug trade with a wave of surveillance and enforcement. However, crypto-anarchists are developing new ways to evade the state’s tentacles as the next technological phase Read More